Realize and Realize Reader Release Notes

Release 22.7.0 - July 28, 2022

Feature Enhancements

Class Listing Page

Improved display of class card images on larger resolution screens

Students Listing Page

The teachers will be able to view a list of all their students and can select a student’s review page. Following are the feature enhancements:

  • Average grade for each student

  • Needs action notification dot

  • Fraction of assignments that have been turned in

  • Sort students by name (ascending and descending order)

Student Review Page

The teachers will be able to view each assignment per student. Following are the feature enhancements:

  • New student header with information about the assignment

  • An assignment selection panel that shows:

    • each assignment listed by its status

    • student’s grade received per assignment

    • notifications for new comment and needs action

  • Grading panel where teachers can enter grades for each assignment part while viewing the assignment

  • Comments panel where teachers can communicate with students on the assignment


Following are the feature updates in Browse for both teachers and students:

  • Updated left navigation to move through the Table of Contents quickly

  • Implemented Featured Resource links on the Browse program landing page for all Realize Programs

  • Updated Search filters to provide streamlined access to narrowing search results

  • Removed Browse All from program selection page due to low usage and offer better user experience

  • Lesson view in Realize programs now supports highlighting images and presents an enhanced look and feel

  • New Standards search filters provides faster access to standards-based search results


Enhanced ebook packaging for download and removed media from the downloads to reduce package size.

Release 22.6.8 - July 15, 2022

Feature Enhancements

Enhanced user experience in Realize Reader

The students will experience enhanced user interface and the bookshelf sorting features are now added to Realize Reader. The expired books will be hidden from the bookshelf.

eBook Viewer Enhancements

Following are the improvements made on eBook Viewer:

  • Enhancements and positional changes in All Notes, Hamburger menu, Glossary alphabetical strip, and Search bar

  • Font size increase in top navigation bar

  • Changes in Breadcrumb path

Enhanced Service Resiliency and Messaging

  • Updated error notification

  • Improved resiliency to reduce the frequency of errors

Download Options

Removed Select All toggle from Download Manager.


Last Updated: July 28, 2022