Realize and Realize Reader System Requirements

Realize and Realize Reader Web - System Requirements

The Realize and Realize Reader Web system requirements include the latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge®, Mozilla® Firefox®, and Apple® Safari®. By designating officially-supported operating systems and browsers, Savvas is able to ensure an optimal user experience; however, Realize and Realize Reader will operate in other, untested combinations of operating systems and browsers.

Realize and Realize Reader Web - System Requirements
Operating System Browser Version (or latest) Screen Resolution Accessibility
Screen Reader Keyboard
Windows® 10 Microsoft Edge 80 Multiple JAWS for Windows ® 2018 Yes
Windows 10 Chrome 83 Multiple    
Windows 10 Firefox 76 Multiple NVDA (latest version) Yes
Chrome OS™ 83 Chrome 83 1366 x 768 dp ChromeVox™ Yes
Mac OS® 10.15 Safari 13 Multiple VoiceOver™ Yes

iPadOS™ 13.4.1

Apple® iPad® 5th generation and later, starting with iPad Air

Safari 768 x 1024 dp    

iPadOS 12.4.6

Apple iPad 5th generation and later, starting with iPad Air

Safari 768 x 1024 dp VoiceOver Gesture
Android™ 5.0 Chrome 83 Large tablet > 768 dp    

Realize Reader Apps Compatibility Requirements

The Realize Reader Apps compatibility requirements provide the operating systems, devices, screen resolutions and accessibility programs to ensure the best user experience.

Realize Reader Apps Compatibility Requirements(offline access for enabled content)

App / Operating System Device   Screen Resolution
Apple iPad 5th generation and later, starting with iPad Air Chromebook™ only Windows 10 desktop* Windows 10 laptop*

Windows 10 2-in-1 laptop*

Multiple 1366 x 768 dp

Apple iPad App

iPadOS 12+





Apple iPad App

iPadOS 13+





Chrome App

Chrome OS 56.x, 57.x, 58.x only
(Mac OS and Windows not supported)





Windows App

Windows 10*







*Requires Windows 10 64-bit operating system. Windows 10 64-bit 2-in-1 (laptop-to-tablet) devices must be in laptop mode using the attached keyboard for data entry.

Additional Requirements

Adobe® Reader® (latest version) and Microsoft® Excel® or other spreadsheet software is required for teacher and administrator accounts. Allow outgoing HTTPS/SSL communication to through port 443.

You may need to install Adobe Flash® Player to access the eTexts for some products using a browser on a desktop or laptop computer. The Flash Player can be downloaded here. If accessing these products on an iPad or Android tablet, users should download the Savvas eTexts for Schools app from the online store.

Realize and Realize Reader: Permitted URLs

Use the Permitted URLs list as a reference when configuring firewall and/or content filtering devices to allow access to the resources. View the full list.

Realize and Realize Reader Internet Connection

A bandwidth speed of 1 Mbps per user is recommended for optimal performance on all Realize and Realize Reader apps.

  • At School: The Realize application is a modern web application; the user's web browser will cache Realize for a period of 30 days or until a new version becomes available. It is estimated that an average of 12MB worth of data is transmitted per student per day. This estimate is based on a student usage session of seven page hits and downloading one content item.
  • At Home: Broadband via cable modem, DSL, or other high-speed Internet connection typically provides the recommended bandwidth.

Check your web cache settings. When properly configured, web caching may result in improved performance.

Additional Recommendations

  • Configure pop-up blockers to include *, *, *, *, and * in the list of allowed sites. If in doubt, check with your school's technology department for the proper browser pop-up and security settings. Savvas does not recommend disabling pop-up blockers.
  • Enable JavaScript™ and cookies.

Product Specific Information

Auténtico users please note that assignments that require recording may not be completed on iPads.