Review Completed Assignments

You can view your completed assignments from the Assignments page.

Review Completed Assignments

  1. Click My Work on the Home page.
  2. In the Assignments page, click Completed Work.

  3. In the Completed Work page, click Review Work for the assignment.

  4. In the completed assignment page, select an activity, and if necessary, click the Open in new window arrow to view the activity.

    Some activities, such as PDFs, enable you to view feedback from your teacher directly in the document.

  5. After viewing the activity, if it is open in a new window, close the window, and then click Exit.
  6. Click Completed Work to return to your list of completed assignments.

  7. Click Assignments to return to the Assignments page, or click the Realize icon on the top menu bar to return to the Home page.

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