View Glossary Definitions

If the book you're reading has a glossary, you can read and listen to a term's definition. Some term definitions include additional language options, and the term's part of speech and phonetic pronunciation.

Open Glossary Definitions in the Reading Pane

Glossary terms are identified with blue, underlined text in the reading pane.

  1. In the reading pane, click on a glossary term to open the definition.
  2. When you're done, close the definition to return to the full-page view of the reading pane.

Find Glossary Definitions Using the Menu

Some glossaries provide an alphabetized list of the terms in the Menu panel outside of the reading pane.

  1. Open your book and, if available, click Glossary.

  1. Scroll to view the list of terms or choose a letter to go directly to the terms beginning with that letter.
  2. Click on a term to open the definition.

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