View a Class Calendar

Realize provides a planning calendar for each of your classes. Whenever you create an assignment or an event, it's added to the calendar on the date the assignment is due or on the day or days of the event. You can also schedule an event with one or all of your classes.

  1. Click Classes on the top menu bar.
  2. On the Select a Class page, click Calendar below the class name. Class assignments display in orange, while Events display in blue.

  3. Click Month to display your calendar in month view or click Week to display your calendar in week view.
  4. Click Show weekends or Hide weekends to include or exclude weekends from the view.
  5. Click the forward or back arrows next to the month name to view different months.
  6. To view the details of an event, click the event, and then click the back arrow to return to the Calendar.

  7. To preview an assignment, click the assignment, and then click it again to open the assignment detail view. Click the back arrow twice to return to the Calendar.

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