Domain Summary

Follow the steps mentioned below to view the Domain Summary page:

  1. Click Classes on the top navigation menu and select a class.

  2. Click Data on the left navigation pane, and Results by Assessment appears by default. The Diagnostic growth report section displays the report title and program name for the list of available growth reports.

  3. Select the required growth report and click the Domain Summary tab on the left pane to view the Domain performance breakdown card.

Domain performance breakdown

  1. Select one of the available reports - Beginning of Year, Middle of Year, and End of Year from the drop-down list. By default, the most recent administration will be shown.

  2. Move the mouse over any segment of the horizontal bar chart to display the popup menu that shows the students and their scores.

  3. Click View Report to display the latest student report for the selected student.

The purpose of this card is to help teachers understand how their class performs across particular domains.

  • To access student data, teachers can hover over the segment of the domain performance bar and view the students that tested into that range.

  • Teachers can see a specific student report by clicking on View Report in the popup menu.

  • The legend on top displays the performance band ranges.

  • Teacher can use the drop-down to select which report to see (End of year, Middle of year, Beginning of year)

Domain Growth

This page allows the teachers to see how the number of students in each performance band changes over time by domain. They can select the domain in the drop-down.

  • Teachers can hover the mouse over bar graphs to view the performance band represented by the bar and the number of students in that domain.

  • They can also see how the number of students in each domain has changed since from BOY to EOY.

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