Student Report

Follow the steps mentioned below to view the Student Report page:

  1. Click Classes on the top navigation menu and select a class.

  2. Click Data on the left navigation pane, and Results by Assessment appears by default. The Diagnostic growth report section displays the report title and program name for the list of available growth reports.

  3. Select the required growth report and click Student Report on the left pane.

Overall Score

The Overall Score (scale score) shows the student's overall scale score and their national percentile ranking for the assessment. The scale to the right shows where the student's performance lies within score ranges for Does Not Meet, Approaching, Meets, and Exceeds expectations.

Only those students who completed the diagnostics will appear in the drop-down list on the top.

Scale Score Example

A score of 1510 on Level A Diagnostic (Kindergarten) means roughly the same as a score of 1510 on a Level B Diagnostic (Grade 1). So if a student has scored 1510 in Kindergarten and 1560 in Grade 1, then their math achievement has been increased by 50 scale score points.

Student Growth Score

  1. Using the drop-down list on the top of the Student growth score card, select by overall performance or by specific domain.

  2. Select or unselect the Show class average checkbox to show or hide the class average line chart.

  3. Select or unselect the Show growth checkbox to show or hide the student score.

  4. Move the mouse over a data point to display the value along with the performance band it pertains to. Move the mouse over X-axis values (BOY, MOY, EOY) to expand the abbreviation in a tool tip (beginning of year, middle of year, and end of year).

  5. The growth popup displays the points difference between the initial score and the latest score.

If there is any overlap between the scores the class average score will go on top.

Performance by Domain

  1. Use the Performance by Domain chart to view the student's scale score for each domain in the assessment, along with their performance category for that domain.

  2. Click the domains to see information about skills that, based on the student's score, the student likely has as Relative Strengths, Areas for Improvement, and a Stretch Goal.

  3. Click Print student report to print the complete student report.

For more information regarding scores and interpretation please refer to the Growth Diagnostic User Guide.

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