View Score Data

The Class Results by Assignment page contains score data for completed tests. Test data displays in a bar graph in chronological order, with each bar resting on or above the date the test was due. You can click a bar in the graph for deeper standard mastery, question, student, and performance analysis.

View Test Score Data

  1. Click Classes from the top navigation menu and select a class.

  2. Click Data on the left navigation pane, and Class Results by Assignment appears by default.

  3. Select an option in the When dropdown to view data for the Last 7 days, Last 14 days, Last 30 days, Last 60 days, or select Custom range to choose a specific date range.  

    Make sure your date range includes the due dates of the tests and assignments you want to view.

    Custom range is limited to 180 days only.

    You can also filter the results by a specific program. Only programs with assessment due dates that fall within the date range you selected will display.

  4. In the Scores section, move your mouse pointer over each bar or point on the graph to see the test name, due date, and average class or group score.

    The Average class/group score will not display for Diagnostic Assessments.

  5. Select the bar for the test data you want to see.

  1. Click a link in the content navigation path to go to that location in the program hierarchy.

Score Data Overview Video

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