Savvas EasyBridge 20.0 Release Notes

April 24, 2020

The EasyBridge Release Notes provide descriptions of the major feature enhancements, resolved issues, and known issues for a release.

Feature Enhancements

New District Page for Administrators

District administrators have a new page in EasyBridge that provides the ability to make changes and view updates at the district level for features previously needing the assistance of Technical Support. (Go to new District page to learn more.)

Pause Period - District Administrators Can Make Changes in EasyBridge

EasyBridge Auto and Plus district administrators have direct access to manage New Year Rollover for their schools. See the Help topic Pause Period for how to update your district's pause period settings. (Go to Pause Period Auto Help or Pause Period Plus Help to learn more.)

Import Status - Available for District Administrators in EasyBridge

District administrators can see the Last successful import date along with the state of the districts ingestion files directly on the new District page in EasyBridge. See the Help topic, Import Status for how to access the import status. (Go to Import Status Auto Help or Import Status Plus Help to learn more.)

Google Classroom Classes and Hidden Classes Displayed in EasyBridge

District administrators have visibility into Google Classroom integrated classes through EasyBridge. Google Classroom is an additional roster source that can be used to filter classes in a district. Administrators can see both Google Classroom classes as well as the classes that have been hidden using the filters on the Classes tab. Go to Google Classroom Classes help to learn more.)

Changes to Classes Tab

Adding a product or product(s) to a class or classes can be completed directly on the Classes tab. Use the filter section to find the class or group of classes to which products are needed. Click the Add Product(s) to Selected Classes button and select the product(s) to add. Products listed on the Classes page are district level licenses. Products licensed to specific schools are still found on the class details page. (Bulk Add Products help to learn more. For Add Products Auto, Add Products Plus)

Important Information

Remote Learning & Teacher Resources

Looking for resources for teachers, students and parents? My Savvas Training continues to be updated with information, how to guides, and at-home learning resources. Keep this page bookmarked and check back regularly for updates.

Resolved Issues

EasyBridge One Roster Resources file - Errors and Warnings

Districts using third party data may have noticed an error message specific to non Savvas data related to the Resources.csv file. A fix was added to ignore entries with a VendorID other than Savvas so an error or warning messages is not displayed. Errors and Warnings apply to Savvas information only.

Too Many Opened Files Created Ingestion Failures

Some districts experienced ingestion processing failures, causing delays in refreshing information and resulting in system errors, similar to the below.

- SYSTEM ERROR: SYSTEM ERROR: UncheckedIOException error

- SYSTEM ERROR: SYSTEM ERROR: RuntimeException error

Known Issues

Hidden Classes

Classes that are hidden in Realize also hide them in EasyBridge. Teachers using Google Classroom classes may need to hide the integrated EasyBridge classes so duplicate classes do not appear to students. If an incorrect class is hidden, students may see a message indicating they do not have any classes. If this occurs, check the hidden classes to verify the correct classes are hidden. [See Unhide a Class help]

Last Updated: September 28, 2020

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