Realize Reader Selection Assignments

Realize Reader SelectionClosedRealize Reader Selection (RRS) assignments open directly in Realize and focus on the specific text and features required to complete the assigned activities. (RRS) assignments open directly within Realize and offer the following features and tools to help you focus on completing your assigned activities.

  • Page Navigation: Click next and back icons to turn the pages or, if available, you can enter a page number in the Page box to go to that page in your assignment. The page number range displays only while you're working within your assigned pages.

  • Links: If you click a link that takes you outside of your assigned pages, the page numbers are no longer displayed. When you're done reviewing the linked information, use the Return to button at the top to return to your assigned pages.
  • Highlights and Annotations: You can highlight and annotate content during your close reading exercises, and later view them in a sortable list or export them to your desktop.
  • Glossary: If your book has a glossary, you can read the definitions in the reading pane or in a separate alphabetic list of the terms.

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