Realize Reader Selected Reading Assignments

Realize Reader Selected ReadingClosedRealize Reader Selected Reading (RRSR) opens in a new window that displays the entire book and enables the completion of the activities using the full set of Realize Reader tools and navigation features. assignments open in a new window in Realize Reader with the full set of features and tools to help you complete your assigned activities.

  • Page Navigation: Click the back and next icons to turn the pages or go directly to a specific page when you enter a page number in Page.

  • 2 Page View: If available for your book, read in a two-page spread view with controls to zoom in for a closer look and easier reading.
  • Table of Contents: Review a list of the sections, units, or chapters for your book and go directly to a new section.
  • Glossary: If your book has a glossary, read the definitions in the reading pane or in a separate alphabetic list of the terms.
  • Highlights and Annotations: Highlight and annotate content during your close reading exercises.
  • Settings: Click the settings icon to see options for exporting your highlights and personalizing your reading experience.
  • Realize Reader logo: Click the logo at the top to go to the bookshelf.

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