Class Settings for New Year Rollover

Prior to the start of each school year, a new year rollover process may take place for your classes and student data. The new year rollover process consists of removing your classes, student progress data, and license subscriptions. If your district has opted to participate, you can view the settings and options within your Class Settings.

  1. Click Classes on the top menu bar.

  2. Click Class settings below the class name.

  3. The information that displays in the Keeping this class post New Year Rollover (NYR) section depends on the settings configured for your district.

    • If your district has opted out of the new year rollover process, you will see a note indicating that your class will not be removed and will remain visible for the upcoming school year.

    • If your district has scheduled the new year rollover process for your school, you will see a scheduled date in bold text.

      • If available select Yes or No next to Do you want to keep this class for the next school year?

        • Yes—The class will NOT be removed.

        • No—The class will be removed, along with student progress data and license subscriptions.

      • If you do not see an option to select Yes or No, but you would like to retain access to your class for the next school year, contact your district administrator.

  4. Click Save.

If your district administrator makes district-wide configuration changes for new year rollover, those changes will override your previous settings. If you have questions about your school's new year rollover settings, contact your district administrator.

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