View Class Mastery by Standard

The Mastery by standard report displays data that represents how your class and individual students mastered standards across assignments over time. The data can also help you understand which assessments contributed to the mastery data displayed for each student.

View Mastery by Standard

  1. Click Data on the top menu bar, and then select a class.

  2. Click Class mastery by standard.
  3. Use the Program, Standard Library, Standards, Content Category, and Assignment filters above the report to refine the report data.
    • The top row of the table displays the percentage of students who have scored 70% or more for each standard.
    • Each column in the table represents a standard in the chosen library. By default, the columns are sorted to display in descending order starting with high proficiency scores. Click Sort Proficiency Score Low to High or Sort Proficiency Score High to Low to change the sort order.
    • Each data point in the table represents the student's score on questions that contribute to the mastery of the standard. If a student has a score of 3/5, then they have submitted answers that total 3 points towards the standard with 5 possible points.

  4. Click the percentage in the % Mastered column to view a student's individual Scores by standard report.
  5. Click Standard Info below a standard to view the description.
    1. Click View Resources below the description to view learning resources for the standard that you can then assign to your students.
    2. Click the back arrow to return to the Class mastery by standard table.

  6. Click the right arrow to scroll through the standards.
    • The table also displays each student's percentage of mastery for the selected program, and number of questions correct for each standard.
    • You can click a column header to sort the list by the column criteria.
  7. Click a student's score data point to expand question and answer details for the associated standard.
    • Click the right arrow to view additional questions associated to the standard.
    • Click Question Info to view the assignment name, the date the assignment was submitted, the question number, and the question score.
    • If the question was scored using rubrics, click Rubric to view the rubric criteria used for scoring.

    • Click the up arrow to close the detail view.
  8. Click Help me interpret this data to get help interpreting the data on the page.
  9. Click Export Data to generate a CSV file of the data for use with Microsoft® Excel or other spreadsheet tools.

    The Export Data option is not available on the Apple® iPad®.

If the standards are in multiple standard libraries, you can select the grade to see the standard mastery.

Class Mastery by Standard Video

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