Student Scores by Standard

When you select the percentage in the % Mastered column in the Class Mastery by standard report, you can see a student's Scores by standard report. This report shows the scores by standard from assessments that count toward mastery.

  1. Open the Class mastery by standard report for the student's class, and then click the student's percentage in the % Mastered column.
  2. Use the View, Program, and Standard Library drop-down boxes above the report to change the report criteria.
    • The table displays a list of standards associated with your selections.
    • The points the student earned over the total points possible for each standard display in the Points correct column.
    • Green indicates the standard was mastered with a percentage score of 70% or higher. Red indicates the standard was not mastered, with a percentage score below 70%.
    • Mastery status on a standard may change as new assessments are submitted.

  3. Click View Resources to view learning resources for the standard that you can then assign to your students, and then click the back arrow to return to the report.
  4. Click the back arrow to return to the Class mastery by standard table.

  5. Click Help me interpret this data to get help interpreting the data on the page.
  6. Click Export Data to generate a CSV file of the data for use with Microsoft® Excel or other spreadsheet tools.

    The Export Data option is not available on the Apple® iPad®.

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