Student Scores by Standard

This report shows the scores by standard from assessments that count toward standards progress.

  1. Open the Standards Progress Report for the student's class.

  2. Use the Standard Library, Assignment, and Program drop-down boxes above the report to change the report criteria. To view the Student scores by standard, click on the standards progress bar by their name.

    • The table displays a list of standards which the student has been tested for, the points correct they have achieved over the possible points for that standard, the last date they were tested for a given standard, the total number of times a student has been tested for a standard, and a link to resources to help students who score below 70 on a standard.

    • A green highlight around a student’s score indicates the student correctly answered 70% or more of questions related to that standard. Red indicates that students did not correctly answer 70 % of questions related to that standard.

    • Progress on a standard may change as new assessments are submitted.

  3. Click View Resources to view learning resources for the standard that you can then assign to your students, and then click the back arrow to return to the report.

Standards Progress Report