Export Your Data

You can export your classroom data as a CSV file and paste it into your gradebooks. You can use Microsoft® Excel or other spreadsheet programs to open the CSV file containing the progress, scores, and assessments that counted toward mastery for your students.

The Export Data option is not available on the Apple® iPad®.

Export Student Data

  1. Click Classes on the top navigation menu and select a class.

  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click Class Results by Assignment.
      • Use Filter options to filter the data by a specific program.
      • To change the date range, select an option in the When box.
      • Make sure your date range includes the due dates of the tests and assignments you want to view.

    • Click Class Mastery by Standard.
      • Use the Programs box to change the program.
      • Use the Standards library box to change the standards library.
  3. Click Export Data to generate a CSV file of the data for use with Microsoft® Excel or other spreadsheet tools.
  4. Select Export to export your file. A report will download to your computer as a CSV file and you can open it with Excel or another spreadsheet program.

    If you get a message saying the export could not be completed for your selected date range, try a smaller date range.