Navigate a Program Table of Contents

Each Realize programClosed A program is a product your school or district has purchased. contains a Table of Contents (TOC).

  1. After selecting a program, you can use the Table of Contents, to view the list of resources, activities, or containers of resources and activities available within the program.

  2. If available, select Show Distance Learning Resources to see only content items designated for distance learningClosed Distance learning resources include content and materials that are short and appropriate for teaching students remotely in a condensed amount of time..

  3. Depending on the program, content items may display an item type or status icon and have additional options.
  4. Optionally, click the arrow to the right of a content container to drill further into the content. Depending on content within the program, and the level you are viewing, different options display in the panel to the right:
    • At some levels, you can add custom content to the program, rearrange the order of the contents, or access your own custom content or teacher resources.

    • At some levels, you can choose to assign one or more items from the TOC, add one or more items to a playlist, edit the lesson container, or rearrange the order of the contents.

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