Create a Discussion Prompt

To start a discussion with your class, you must use an existing discussion prompt or create a discussion prompt.

Assigned discussion prompts become active discussions.

Prompts are not available to all districts and teachers.

Create a Discussion Prompt

  1. Click Classes on the top menu bar.

  2. Find the class you want to start a discussion with and press Discuss from the left navigation panel.

  3. On the My Prompts page, press Create a prompt to create a new discussion prompt.
  4. Enter a Prompt title.
  5. Enter the Prompt text. The prompt text can be a maximum of 75 characters long.
  6. Once you've entered a prompt title and the text for the prompt, press Create to create the prompt, or press Cancel to close the Create a prompt box without creating the prompt. The discussion prompt will appear in the My Prompts page.

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