Assign a Discussion Prompt

You can assign discussions to your class, and students can participate in discussions you create.

To start a discussion with your class, you can create a discussion prompt, or use an existing discussion prompt.

Assigned discussion prompts become active discussions.

Prompts are not available to all districts and teachers.

Assign a Discussion Prompt

  1. Click Classes on the top menu bar.
  2. Click the Discuss link below the class name.
  3. Click My prompts.
  4. Click Assign below the discussion prompt you want to assign.

  5. In the Create an assignment box, enter a Title, Start date, Due date, and optionally add Instructions.

  6. Enter the name of the class, group, or student you want to assign to by using smart search. Enter the first letter and scroll to the class, group, or student. Search for students using 'last, first' names.

  7. Click Assign to finish.

Once a discussion prompt is assigned, it appears in both the Active discussions list and your assignments list. Students can now participate in the discussion by posting comments and responses.

Discussions are different from other assignments in that students do not have a Turn In option. They are automatically turned in at midnight in the student's time zone on the due date.

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