Check Your Grades

After you turn in an assignment or test, you can view your grades.

  1. Click Grades on the top menu bar. If you are in more than one class, select the class from the list.

  2. On the Grades for tests and assignments page, select a date range that includes the date you completed your test or assignment.

  3. On the Tests graph, tests are represented by bars and listed by the date the test was due. Move your cursor over a test bar to see the name of the test, due date, and score.

  4. Click on a bar in the Tests graph to see the Item analysis for the test or assignment.

  5. Click a bar on the Progress Graph to see a list of assignments and tests, the submitted date, and your score.

    Each bar represents assignments or tests that were completed on time, completed after they were due, are still in progress, or have not yet started.

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