EasyBridge Release Notes

The EasyBridge Release Notes provide descriptions of the major feature enhancements, resolved issues, and known issues for a release.

Release 21.6.9 - July 23, 2021

Feature Enhancements

Google Account Matching (EasyBridge Plus only)

EasyBridge Plus districts that also use Google Classroom now have the ability to match student accounts and classes for Realize and Google Classroom.

  • Teachers in auto rostered districts (EasyBridge Plus) will be able to link a Google Classroom class to an existing Realize class that has already been added from EasyBridge to avoid duplicates.
  • All students using Google Classroom will be prompted to link their district login to their Google Classroom account. This process eliminates the creation of duplicate student accounts and will also eliminate duplicate classes and the need to hide them in Realize. This feature is enabled by default for EasyBridge Plus districts, and disabled by default for EasyBridge Auto districts.

Last Updated: July 24, 2021


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