Add Products to Classes

Adding products to your classes is an important step that allows your students to be able to login and begin using the curriculum you have assigned. Follow the steps below to get started adding products to your classes on EasyBridge.

Steps to add products to a class

  1. Login to SavvasEasyBridge using the steps provided by your administrator.
  2. Select the Current or Future tab on the Classes & Products screen.
  3. Find the class for which you would like to add products.
  4. Click Add Products or Manage Products. If no products have been added to that class, Add Products will display. If there are already products added to the class, Manage Products will display.

    Note: Teachers cannot manage curriculum products for classes on the Past Classes tab.

  5. Products that have already been added to your class will display at the top of the window for quick reference. Use the Platform and Product Name filters to help quickly locate additional products to add to your class. Adding a product to a class uses one license subscription for each student. Check with your administrator if you have any questions or concerns about your district's license subscriptions.

  6. Place a check mark to the left of the curriculum product(s) you would like to add to the class.
  7. Click Save.