PDF Assignment Activities

When your teacher assigns a PDF assignment to you, you can complete the assignment by adding text, annotations, comments, and many other formatting options directly in the Realize assignment.

The PDF toolbar is not currently available in PDFs with embedded audio.

Complete a PDF Activity

  1. Use the toolbar at the top of the PDF to add text, highlights, notes, and use various formatting options to complete your assignment.
  2. Select a tool and edit the PDF. When you are done, select the tool again to save your changes.

  3. Repeat the previous step, using additional tools to complete your work.

  4. When you are done editing the PDF, click Exit.
  5. In multi-activity assignments, select a numbered icon or click More to find and complete additional activities.

  6. Click Send to Teacher when you finish all of the activities in the assignment and you are ready to turn it in.

Once you turn in the assignment, you cannot make changes to the PDF assignment, but you can return to the activity to review comments or feedback from your teacher.

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