Assign Google Docs Content for Google Classroom

If you are subscribed to a Savvas program that contains Google Docs™ content, you can assign this content to students in both Realize classes and in classes imported from Google Classroom™.

  • Each student in a class imported from Google Classroom receives a unique copy of the Google Doc, which can be changed and saved directly in the assignment viewer.
  • Google Docs assigned to a student who is not part of a Google Classroom class are View only; however, the student can download a local copy of the document.

You can find and assign Google Docs content by selecting a program using the steps below or by browsing all content.

  1. Click Browse on the top menu bar, and then select the program.
  2. On the Table of contents(TOC) page, find the Google Docs activity, and click Assign.
  3. In the Create an assignment box, enter a Title, Start date, Due date, and optionally add Instructions.
  4. Enter the name of the class, group, or student by using smart search. Enter the first letter and scroll to the class, group, or student. Search for students using 'last, first' names.
  5. Click Assign to finish.

If a student reports seeing a message that indicates Google cannot connect, click Sync with Google for the assignment to re-sync the assignment.

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