Google Docs Assignments

When you assign a Google Docs™ assignment to students imported from Google Classroom™, each student receives a unique copy of the Google Doc, which can be changed and saved directly in the assignment viewer.

Preview a Google Docs Assignment

When you open a Google Docs activity from a Savvas program or choose to preview an assignment you've made for your class, the document opens in View only mode. You cannot make changes to the contents of the class assignment.

Review a Google Docs Assignment

When reviewing an individual student's activity progress for a Google Docs assignment, you can view the student's changes, as well as make comments.

If you see a Google Docs message indicating that you need permission, you may need to reestablish your connection to Google Classroom.

  1. Open a new browser tab and sign in to Google Classroom.
  2. Return to the Realize browser tab and refresh your browser.
    Do not click the Request Access or Switch accounts buttons.

If a student reports seeing a message that indicates Google cannot connect, click Sync with Google for the assignment to re-sync the assignment.

Google Docs assigned to students that are not part of a Google Classroom class are View only; however, the student can download a local copy of the document.

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