Google Classroom Overview

Google Classroom™ integration with Realize allows you to quickly and easily import classes from Google Classroom in to Realize or link existing Google Classroom classes with your classes in Realize.

There are two ways primary ways to integrate Realize with Google Classroom.

Note: When teachers log in to Realize and are part of a linked Google class but do not have their account linked, they will be notified to link their Realize account to Google to share information with Google Classroom. Teachers can get started by clicking Link Accounts.

Student Experience

The student experience in a Realize class imported from Google Classroom is as follows:

  • When they launch an assignment from Google Classroom, they are redirected to Realize and automatically logged in.
  • After they complete and turn in their work, the status of the assignment in Google Classroom is also updated.
  • If a grade is available for the student’s assignment in Realize, Realize will automatically send the student’s grade back to Google Classroom.

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