Google Classroom Overview

Google Classroom™ integration with Realize enables you to quickly and easily import classes from Google Classroom into Realize.

Once you have imported a class from Google Classroom:

  • Any Google Classroom roster changes automatically synchronize with your linked Realize class.

  • Any Realize assignments for that class will automatically appear in Realize and in Google Classroom.
  • You can assign Google Docs™ worksheets to students in classes synced from Google Classroom, allowing each student to work in their own copy of the worksheet, and turn it in with their changes.

When your students in a Realize class synced from Google Classroom launch an assignment from Google Classroom, they are redirected to Realize and automatically logged in. After they complete and turn in their work, the status of the assignment in Google Classroom is also updated. If a grade is available for the student’s assignment in Realize, Realize will automatically send the student’s grade back to Google Classroom.

Click here to view the Teacher Experience Overview video

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Click here to view Realize Google Classroom Integration Frequently Asked Questions

Before you can connect to Google Classroom, you must first:

  • Have a Google Classroom account. For information about Google Classroom, see About Google Classroom and verify that you meet the latest requirements for sharing.
  • Provide Google Classroom accounts for your students.

Next, see Connect to Google Classroom for steps to connect Google Classroom and Realize.


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