Disconnect a Linked Google Classroom Class

If your district has enabled Google Classroom™ Account Linking, you can use the Connected Classrooms section in the Edit Class Settings page to disconnect a (Linked) Realize class from a Google Classroom™ class.

If you disconnect a Realize class that is associated with other teachers from a Google Classroom class, the class will be disconnected for those teachers as well.

  1. Click Classes on the top menu bar, and then click Class Settings below your class.

  2. Click Disconnect Google Class.

  3. Read the information about your classes carefully, select the check boxes to confirm you understand the results of proceeding, and then click Confirm Disconnect.

    Click Cancel if you do not want to disconnect the class at this time.

After you have Linked or Imported a Realize class with a Google Classroom class, the students in the class will receive an item titled Realize Login in the Google Classroom class Stream. This allows students to easily connect to Realize from Google Classroom. When you disconnect a linked class, the Realize Login item remains in the student's Google Classroom Stream.

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