Edit a Student Imported From Google Classroom

You can edit students imported from Google Classroom™ by using the View in Google button in Realize.

Google Classroom classes appear in your class list with a Google Classroom icon to the left of the class name.

  1. In Realize, click Classes on the top menu bar, and then click the View in Google button to the left of the class name to open Google Classroom.

  2. After changing the student's name in Google Classroom, return to Realize and click Student & groups below the class name to see the changes in Realize.

    If you do not see the changes in Realize, click the left arrow to return to the list of classes, and click Sync with Google to the left of the class.

  3. Do the following:
    • Click Reset password below a student's name to reset the student's Realize password.
    • If a Google Classroom™ student wants to sign in to Realize directly, the student must reset his or her own password at sign in, or you must reset the student's password in Realize. If the student's Realize password is reset, it will not change the student's Google Classroom password.

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