Add Students to a Google Classroom Class

If you have imported students from Google Classroom™, you can add additional students to a Google Classroom class.

Imported Google Classroom classes appear in your class list with a Google Classroom icon to the left of the class name.

  1. Click Classes on the top menu bar, and then click the View in Google button beneath the class name to open Google Classroom and add the student.

    Before you assign Realize content to your Google Classroom class, ensure all students have accepted the invitation. Students do not receive assignments that were assigned to a class prior to accepting the Google Classroom invitation.

  2. Once the student has accepted the Google Classroom invitation, return to Realize, and click Student & groups below the class name to confirm the Google Classroom student was added to the class in Realize.

    If you do not see the student listed, click the left arrow to return to the list of classes, and click Sync with Google above the Assignments by Class and Assignments by Students tabs.

The first time students access a Realize assignment from Google Classroom, they are prompted to provide their Google Classroom sign-in information and grant Realize access to their Google Classroom account. Until they grant Realize access to Google Classroom or link their account, they will either display as Needs to connect on the Students & Groups page or will not yet be present in the class roster on this same page. If they are not present this is expected for Imported classes as noted at the top of that page in Realize.

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