Add Students to a Realize Class

You can add students directly to a class in Realize using the instructions in this topic. To add a student to a class that was imported from Google Classroom™, see Add Students to a Google Classroom Class.

  1. Click Classes on the top menu bar, then select the class.
  2. Click Students & groups on the left.

  3. Click Add Student.

  4. Type the student's last name followed by a comma (last name, first name), then the student's first name.
  5. Create a username and enter it into the Username box.
  6. Create a password, enter it into the Password box, then enter it into the Confirm password box.
  7. Click Add.

If Add Student is not visible, you must contact your administrator to make changes to your roster.

When you add a student to a class, the student will only receive new assignments going forward. The student does not receive assignments that were assigned to the class prior to adding the student.

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