Create Classes

Adding students to classes gives students access to the system, enables you to organize them by groups, and track their progress on assignments.

  • EasyBridge Plus and EasyBridge Auto teachers manage their classes on EasyBridge. After adding a Savvas Realize product to a class, it automatically syncs to Realize, and you begin to use the programClosed A program is a product your school or district has purchased. content and make assignments.
  • EasyBridge Basic teachers manage their classes on Savvas Realize.

Depending on your Realize account, some features may not be available to you. If you are unable to access the features you need, contact your administrator.

When changing schools, classes and students will only be created in the selected school. When choosing existing students, the student must be active in the selected school in order to be added to the class.

You can create a new class directly in Realize by following the steps below, or if you are using Google Classroom™ integration, you can import additional Google Classroom students to share Realize assignments directly in students' feeds.

Create a New Class

  1. Click Classes on the top menu bar.

  2. Click Create a New Class.

  3. Choose your school from the drop-down menu if needed, add a class name, select a class picture, and pick the programs that you want your class to see and use. If you need to add more programs at a later time, you can do so by managing your class settings.

  4. Add students to your class by clicking the Add student button.
  5. A pop-up will appear, prompting you to enter the information for the student you'd like to add to your class, beginning by entering the student's last name first.
    • If your student has been in the system previously, names will appear when you type the initial letters. Their usernames and passwords will self-fill when you select a name from the list.

  6. Click Create Class to create your class.

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