Assign Content to Students

You can assign content to your class, groups, or individual students using all of the accompanying materials in your programsClosed A program is a product your school or district has purchased..You can find content by selecting a program using the steps below, by browsing all content, or by choosing custom content from My Library.

To add more programs, click Settings. See Program Settings for more information.

Assign Content By Selecting a Program

  1. Click Browse on the top menu bar, and then select the program. Depending on the program, content items may display an item type or status icon and have additional options.
  2. Do one of the following to select and assign content:

    • If an arrow displays to the right of the activity, click it to drill further into the content.
    • For multi-activity assignments, click Assign All to assign all of the activities, or select the check box next to two or more activities, and then click Assign Selected.
    • For single-activity assignments, click Assign below the activity name.

    You can also assign content from the content itself using the action toolbar:

    • In the action toolbar of the content, you can expand the content view by clicking the button, as well as view the estimated time it takes to complete the content.

    • For single-activity assignments, click Assign. You can then assign the activity to your students.
    • Easily add activities to a playlist by clicking the Add to Playlist button.

  3. In the Create an assignment box, enter a Title, Start date, Due date, and optionally add Instructions.
  4. Enter the name of the class, group, or student you want to assign to by using smart search. Enter the first letter and scroll to the class, group, or student. Search for students using 'last, first' names.

  5. Click Assign to finish.

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