Use Realize Help

To find help for the Realize feature you are using, click the Help menu icon on the menu bar and use the Search Help box to find what you are looking for or simply select Help for This Page.

A small window opens with steps and information to help you complete your task.

  • Use the What can we help you find? search bar to find additional assistance.
  • Click the menu icon to open the Help table of contents and browse to the topic you need.
  • Click and drag the Help window to move it to another part of your screen.
  • With focus on the Help header bar, you can press the spacebar on your keyboard to toggle between the Realize view and the Help window, and press the arrow keys to move around the Help window.
  • To see the Help topic in a larger window click Open in New Tab. The Help opens in a new full size browser tab.
  • Click the x in the upper-right corner of the Help window to close the Help.

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