Explore the Dashboard

The Realize Dashboard provides you with quick access to your classes and programs.


A panel for each of your classes lists the class's upcoming assignments. Each assignment includes the number of students who have completed the assignment, a notification of any new comments, and the due date. Click an assignment to go to the assignment details or click View All to go to the full list of your class's assignments.

The following quick access buttons display just below or to the right of each class.

A blue action dot appears in front of the assignment title when a student has completed an assessment, which has a manually graded component that needs to be entered by the teacher.

A new comment notification will popup if a student comments on the assignment.

My Programs

The My Programs panel to the right lists all of your subscribed programs – these are Savvas content courses that you can add to and customize.

When you exit a program or a table of contents, Realize will bring you to where you left off when you return.

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