Get Started with Savvas Realize

Realize provides you with a source of premium Savvas programClosed A program is a product your school or district has purchased. content. Realize offers tools that make it easy for you to customize lessons and assignments to accommodate your teaching style, schedule, and students.

When you sign in to Realize, the first thing you see is the Realize Dashboard, displayed below the menu bar.


Select Home on the top menu bar from anywhere in Realize to access the Realize Dashboard. The dashboard provides you with quick access to your classes' assignments and programs.


Select Browse on the top menu bar to browse through Savvas content by program, using each program's Table of Contents, or browse all available program content.


Select Classes on the top menu bar to manage your classes, students, groups, and assignments. If you have linked to Google Classroom™, you can also import classes of students from Google Classroom to Realize.


Select Data on the top menu bar to access a comprehensive set of reports that give you the power to target your teaching to improve student outcomes. You can keep track of your students' progress and usage on the assignments and tests you've given them and instantly access your student and class data in a visual, graphic form.

My Library

Select My Library on the top menu bar to access content and lessons you have customized for your students or assessments that have been shared with you, and to create playlists of both Savvas program content and your own custom content.

Additional Menu Bar Options

—Use the Search Tool icon on the right of the top menu bar to do a keyword search for Realize content.

—Select the Notification icon to view the number of new items. From there you can review your notifications and link to associated resources as available. A red dot next to the icon indicates you have new notifications.

—Select the Help icon to access:

  • Realize Help

  • Program Training—Access virtual professional learning, on-demand tutorials, and guides through My Savvas Training

  • Technical Support—Contact Savvas PreK-12 School Support.

  • Contact a Program Specialist—Contact a Savvas Training Specialist.

Your name—Click your name to access Settings, Realize Announcements, or to Sign Out of Realize.

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