Overview of Classes

Select Classes on the top menu bar to create classes and groups and add students to them. If you have set up Google Classroom™ integration, you can also import classes of students from Google Classroom to Realize.

Once you have classes and students, you can create and give your students assignments from content in your programsClosed A program is a product your school or district has purchased. or from content you've uploaded. Your assignments can be targeted to classes, to groups or to individual students. You can also assign additional advanced or remedial activities. You can assign tests and assessments that are included in your program or you can build a test with a mixture of program content, content found in your keyword searches, and your own content. After you assign content to your classes and groups, you can track their progress and success on assignments.

As soon as you place students in classes or groups, they will have access to their assignments.

You can hover your cursor over the Classes menu from anywhere in the Realize application to display your classes list.

You can use the search at the top of the Classes menu to find specific classes by name.

Click View Hidden Classes to display a page with classes you have previously hidden. You can unhide classes from this page.