Find Book Contents

The Realize Reader Table of Contents, available in Realize Reader Selected ReadingClosed Realize Reader Selected Reading (RRSR) opens in a new window that displays the entire book and enables the completion of the activities using the full set of Realize Reader tools and navigation features. assignments only, displays publishing information and a list of your book's sections, units, or chapters. You can review the content or go directly to the content you choose.

  1. In an open book, click the Menu button, and then select Table of Contents.

  2. Click the arrow icon to expand or collapse a section, unit, or chapter.
  3. Click a section, unit, or chapter title to open it in the reading pane. Every page within a section, unit, or chapter can be opened from the Table of Contents.
  4. Click the Close icon in the Table of Contents panel to return to the Menu.

This feature is not available in Realize Reader SelectionClosed Realize Reader Selection (RRS) assignments open directly in Realize and focus on the specific text and features required to complete the assigned activities. assignments.

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