Navigate the Bookshelf

The Realize Reader bookshelf, available in Realize Reader Selected ReadingClosedRealize Reader Selected Reading (RRSR) opens in a new window that displays the entire book and enables the completion of the activities using the full set of Realize Reader tools and navigation features. assignments only, displays images of all your active book subscriptions. Each book's image gives you quick access to the following information:

  • The Assigned status indicates your book has an assignment that you have not completed. The bookshelf displays your assigned books first, followed by unassigned books.
  • The Downloaded label indicates you've already downloaded the book so it is available to you when you're not connected to the Internet.
  • The information icon provides brief publishing and content information about the book.

    Book thumbnail image showing Assigned label, Downloaded indicator and information icon.

Read a Book

When you're connected to the Internet, click on any book to begin reading. When you're not connected to the Internet, the images of the books that are available to you display in full-color with the Downloaded label. Books that are not available while you're offline display in gray scale.

If you're done reading and want to return to the bookshelf, click the Realize Reader logo at the top.

Download a Book

When you're connected to the Internet, you can download books that you can read offline. Select the download icon in the book's image.

Books viewed in Realize Reader require active subscriptions with content providers. Subscriptions are not included with the Realize Reader application.

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