Download a Book

To access Realize Reader content for offline use, you can use the Realize Reader app for offline access to download chapters or an entire book while connected to the Internet.

To help ensure the best performance, try to limit the number of downloaded chapters to 3 or 4. See Remove Downloaded Content for how to remove downloaded content.

  1. While connected to the Internet, open the installed Realize Reader app for offline access from your Desktop or Home screen, and sign in.

  2. Select the download icon in the book's image.

  3. In the Manage Offline Access window, use the toggles to select the chapters you want to download.

    If you are using the app in Safari® on an iPad®, downloads are limited to 200MB.

  4. When you are done downloading the book or chapters, click the X in the Manage Offline Access window to return to the bookshelf.

    You can now can read content or complete your activities for downloaded content anywhere with or without an Internet connection.

Missing Embedded Content

You will be notified with an alert message about the removed media content in a downloaded book.

Due to file size restrictions, the embedded content will not play in the downloaded package.The optimized version may not contain audio, video, PDF, and other documentation as part of the package.

Books viewed in Realize Reader require active subscriptions with content providers. Subscriptions are not included with the Realize Reader application.

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