Realize Reader Assignments

If your teacher has assigned Realize Reader activities to you, you can find them on your Realize Assignments page.

  1. Click Classes on the top menu bar.
  2. On the Assignments page, select the Realize Reader assignment from the Not started, In progress or Completed tab.
  3. Select the Realize Reader assignment you want to open.

    There are two kinds of Realize Reader assignments and the features you can use to complete your assignment depend on the type:

  4. If an interactive activity is available, follow the instructions to complete the activity before moving forward in your assignment.

  1. When you finish the activity, do one of the following:
    • Click Exit to return to the Assignments page.
    • Close the new window, and then click Exit to return to the Assignments page.
  2. When you finish the assignment, complete the turn in instructions for single-activity assignments or multi-activity assignments.

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