Realize Reader Selected Reading Assignments

Realize Reader Selected ReadingClosed Realize Reader Selected Reading (RRSR) opens in a new window that displays the entire book and enables the completion of the activities using the full set of Realize Reader tools and navigation features. assignments open in a new window in Realize Reader with the full set of features and tools to help you complete your assigned activities.

Page Navigation

Click Next and Back to turn the pages or go directly to a specific page when you enter a page number in the page number box.

Select the chapter and topic links in the navigation bar above the reading pane for quick access to previously viewed page(s).

Readlize Reader assignment breadcrumbs

View Your Assignment Status

In your open book, you can view any work you've completed as part of your submitted assignment, including your work on interactive activities. You can also see your assignment status messages in the banner above the reading pane. The assignment status messages may include:

  • Assignment due: The date your assignment should be completed and turned in. If the assigned page is part of multiple assignments, the due date shown is the earliest due date among any of the assignments not yet submitted.
  • Page Not Assigned: This status displays when the open page has not been assigned, or is part of an assignment that was completed and turned in.

Assignment Summary

When you have one or more assignments in a selected book, click the View Progress button at the bottom of the reading pane to open the Assignment Summary. In Assignment Summary, you can view the following assignment information:

  • Name: The title of your assignment and the name of the book's chapter, unit, or lesson. The title is an active link to the first page of your assignment. Click it to get started.
  • Due Date: The date your assignment should be completed and turned in.
  • Status: An indicator that shows if the assignment has been Viewed or Not Viewed.


The following features can help you complete your Realize Reader Selected Reading assignment:

  • Search: Quickly locate content in your assigned book using a keyword search.
  • 2 Page View: If available for your book, read in a two-page spread view with controls to zoom in for a closer look and easier reading.
  • Table of Contents: Review a list of the sections, units, or chapters for your book and go directly to a new section.
  • Bookmarks: Mark any page as a favorite.
  • Annotations and Highlights: Highlight and annotate content during your close reading exercises, and later view them in a sortable list.
  • Export Highlights: Export your highlights to a file that you can edit outside of Realize Reader.
  • Comments: Add a comment to a highlight or annotation to create a comment thread that you and your teacher can continue to use to discuss the content.
  • Notebook: Select the Notebook prompt icon found in certain assignments or use this tool to view and manage your notes.
  • Glossary: If your book has a glossary, read the definitions in the reading pane or in a separate alphabetic list of the terms.
  • Custom Basket: If available for your book, review a list of state- or institution-specific requirements.
  • Settings: Personalize your reading experience.

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