Complete a Test

You can find tests or assessments from your teacher yourAssignments list and complete them using the assignment viewer.

  1. Click CLASSES on the top menu bar.
  2. On the Assignments page, select the assignment that contains the test in the Not started or In Progress tab.
  3. Select the test in the Assigned work list, and then when the test opens, click Start.
  4. Enter the answer to the question, and then click Next to move to the next question. You can jump to any question in the test by entering the question number and clicking Go.

    When answering a question with a numerical answer, carefully exclude any extra leading or trailing spaces, numbers, or characters. For example, if the correct answer is "219", and you submit "219.0" or "_219", the answer may be marked as incorrect.

  5. If the test contains a rubric, click Rubric in the panel to the right.
  6. Click Review progress to see which questions you've answered, and which questions still need to be answered. You can jump to an unanswered question by selecting its corresponding View question link.
  7. Click Turn it in, Submit test or Submit my work to submit your test.

    • For auto-scored tests, the Score Summary page shows you how well you performed and where you need to spend more time. You can see how many points per question you received, view any question, and if the option is available, click Try again to repeat the test.

    • For tests that contain open-ended questions, the Score Summary page enables you to go back and review your questions and answers but you cannot change them once you have submitted the test. You can view your score once your teacher has scored the answers.

  8. Click Exit to return to the Assignments page.

Some math program assessments provide a Math Assessment Symbol Palette to help you correctly answer questions that require the use of symbols.

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