Question Analysis

Additional question analysis is available when you select a test in the Scores section of the Class results by assignment report.

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  2. Select an option in the When box to view data for the Last 7 days, Last 14 days, Last 30 days, Last 60 days, or select Custom range to choose a specific date range.  

    Make sure your date range includes the due dates of the tests and assignments you want to view.

    Optionally, use the Filter option to filter the data by a specific program. Only programs with tests or assignment due dates that fall within the date range you selected will display.

  3. In the Scores section, select the bar in the graph for the test data you want to see.

  4. Select the Question Analysis tab to view detailed information about students' answers by question.
    • A bar chart indicates the ratio of the correct, incorrect, or partially correct answers for each question. Move your mouse pointer over each bar in the bar chart to see the details.

    • A table displays the list of questions and the Max Points, # of Students Correct, # of Students Incorrect, and # of Students Partial Correct for each question. You can click a column header to sort the list by the column criteria.

    • If standards are aligned with test questions, a Standard column displays, and you can filter the list of question by a standard.

  5. Select a bar in the chart or a question to expand the question and view the question and answer details by student.

    • Select a student from the menu, or click Previous Student or Next Student to view the question details for additional students.

    • If the question was scored using rubrics, click Rubric to view the rubric criteria used for scoring.

    • Click the up arrow to close the detail view.

  6. Click Export Data to generate a CSV file of the data for use with Microsoft® Excel or other spreadsheet tools.

    The Export Data option is not available on the Apple® iPad®.

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