Question Analysis

Question analysis is available when you select an assessment in Results by Assessment

  1. After setting the filters based on your requirements, click the assessment you want to analyze.

  2. Select the Question Analysis tab to view the detailed information about students' answers by question.

  1. The header row of the table contains the following fields
    • Class Name
    • Assessment Name

    • Average Assessment Score

    • Due Date

    • Info icon

  2. A table displays the list of questions and the Max Points, number of Correct, Incorrect, and Partial Correct students responded for each question. You can click a column header to sort the list by the column criteria.

    • If standards are aligned with test questions, a Standard column displays, and you can filter the list of questions by a standard or All Standards.

    • Horizontal bar chart visually indicates the ratio of the correct, incorrect, or partially correct answers for each question.

    • Select the bar chart or a question to expand the question and view the question and answer details by student.

    • Click the standard in the table to view a short description. Click View Resources below the description to see additional resources for the standard.

  3. Select a question in the table to view the question and answer for a specific student.

    • Click the previous or next arrow to see the previous or next student who answered the same question.

    • If the question was scored using rubrics, click Rubric to view the rubric criteria used for scoring.

  4. Click the Previous or Next Assessment buttons to navigate through individual assessment within the list of assessments:
    • If current assessment is a non-diagnostic assessment and the next assessment is adiagnostic assessment, click Next Assessment to go to MSDA Class Summary page for the diagnostic assessment.

    • If current assessment is a diagnostic assessment and the next assessment is a non-diagnostic assessment, click Next Assessment button to go to Standard Analysis for the non-diagnostic assessment.

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