Student Report for Diagnostic Assessments

If you are subscribed to a Savvas Screener and Diagnostic Assessments product (e.g. Math Screener and Diagnostic or Literacy Screener and Diagnostic Assessments), the Student Report tab provides you with individual student performance data for completed diagnostic assessments.

  1. Select the Student Report tab.

    The Overall Score (scale scoreClosed A scale score is a score that can be compared with other tests on the same scale. For MSDA Diagnostic assessments, scale scores can be used to measure growth over time.) shows the student's overall scale score and their national percentile ranking for the assessment. The scale to the right shows where the student's performance lies within score ranges for Does Not Meet, Approaching, Meets, and Exceeds expectations.

  2. Use the Performance by Domain chart to view the student's scale score for each domain in the assessment, along with their performance category for that domain.

  3. Click the domains to see information about skills that, based on the student's score, the student likely has as Relative Strengths, Areas for Improvement, and a Stretch Goal.

  4. Use the drop-down at the top of the tab to select a different student.

  5. Click Print Student Report to open a printable version of the report.

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