Student Analysis

Student analysis is available when you select a non-diagnostic assessment that is aligned with standards in Results by Assessment.

  1. After setting the filters based on your requirements, click the assessment you want to analyze.

  2. Select the Student Analysis tab to view detailed score and answer information by student. 

  3. The header row of the table contains the following fields
    • Class Name
    • Assessment Name

    • Average Assessment Score

    • Due Date

    • Info icon

  4. A table displays the list of students, their individual scores, and icons that indicate correct, incorrect, and the partially correct answers for each question. Click a column header to sort the list by the column criteria.

    • In the Show Score dropdown, select Points or Percentage to display the scores accordingly.

    • The scores are displayed as icons - green for the correct answer, gray for the partially correct answer, and red for the incorrect answer. Horizontal bar chart is next to the score, for visual indication of points or percentage answered correctly in green, incorrectly in red, and partially correct in orange by the student for the assessment.

  5. Select a student in the table to view the question and answer details.
    • Select the previous or next question to view the details for additional questions.

    • If one or more standards are aligned with the question, click the link to view a list of the aligned standards and descriptions.

    • If the question was scored using rubrics, click Rubric to view the rubric criteria used for scoring.

  1. Click the Previous or Next Assessment buttons to navigate through individual assessment within the list of assessments:
    • If the current assessment is a non-diagnostic assessment and the next assessment is a diagnostic assessment, click Next Assessment to go to MSDA Class Summary page for the diagnostic assessment.