Class Summary for Diagnostic Assessments

If you are subscribed to the Savvas Math Screener and Diagnostic Assessments (MSDA), the Class Summary tab provides you with performance data for completed diagnostic assessments.

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  2. Select an option in the When box to view data for the Last 7 days, Last 14 days, Last 30 days, Last 60 days, or select Custom range to choose a specific date range.  

    Make sure your date range includes the due dates of the tests and assignments you want to view.

    Optionally, use the Filter option to filter the data by a specific program. Only programs with tests or assignment due dates that fall within the date range you selected will display.

  3. In the Scores section, select the bar in the graph for the diagnostic assessment data you want to see.
  4. View the data in the Class Summary tab.

    • The Class Performance by Domain chart displays:

      • Overall Score (scale scoreClosed A scale score is a score that can be compared with other tests on the same scale. For MSDA Diagnostic assessments, scale scores can be used to measure growth over time.)—The average of all scale scores of all students who have completed the assessment.

      • Domain Scale Scores—Each domain score is the average of the domain scores of each student who has completed the assessment. Scores are determined by students' performance on questions aligned to the domain.

      • Overall Average Score—The average of all scale scores of all students who have completed the assessment. A legend shows the score ranges for Exceeds, Meets, Approaching, and Does Not Meet expectations, and the number of students who fall into that performance category for the assessment. Click the link if available to see a list of students in the performance category.

    • The Placement by Domain table displays:

      • The list of students who have completed the assessment.

      • Overall Scale Score—The student's overall scale score for all domains in the assessment, along with their performance category.

      • National Percentile—The student's national percentile ranking for the assessment.

      • Placement by Domain—The number of correct questions out of the total number of questions for the specified domain in the assessment. Because each student completes a unique assessment, students may have varied numbers of questions per domain.

  5. Click the arrow to the right of the column headers in the students table to view additional domains.

  6. Click a student's domain score in the table to expand the question view. The numbers in each column represent the number of correct answers out of the number of questions that align to the domain.

    • Click the domain score to see the series of questions for that domain.

    • Click the arrows to view additional questions.

    • Click the standard code link to view standards aligned with the question.

    • Click the View Full Student Report button to see the Student Report.

    • Click the up arrow to close the detail view.

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