Standard Analysis

Additional standard analysis is available when you select a test in the Scores section of the Class results by assignment report that is aligned with standards.

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  2. Select an option in the When box to view data for the Last 7 days, Last 14 days, Last 30 days, Last 60 days, or select Custom range to choose a specific date range.  

    Make sure your date range includes the due dates of the tests and assignments you want to view.

    Optionally, use the Filter option to filter the data by a specific program. Only programs with tests or assignment due dates that fall within the date range you selected will display.

  3. In the Scores section, select the bar in the graph for the test data you want to see.

  4. Select the Standard Analysis tab to view detailed information about students' answers by standard.

    • The header row of the table indicates the percentage of students scoring above 70% on questions aligned with each standard.
    • The table displays columns for each standard aligned with the test questions. A row for each student that indicates the student's Score and the number of correctly-answered questions for each standard.
    • Up to five standards display in the table at a time. By default, the columns are sorted to display in descending order starting with high proficiency scores. Click Sort Proficiency Score Low to High or Sort Proficiency Score High to Low to change the sort order.

    If there are no standards aligned with the test you select, the Standard Analysis tab does not display.

  5. Select a column in the row above the table to view the description of the standard.
    1. Click View Resources below the description to see additional resources for the standard that you can then add to a playlist or assign to your students.
    2. Click the back arrow to return to the Standard Analysis tab.

  6. Click the right arrow to scroll through the standards.

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