Shared Assessments and Playlists

The Shared with Me tab in My Library provides access to:

  • All assessments for your program subscriptions that have been shared by Realize administrators within your district.

  • All playlists shared by other teachers within your district.

Access Shared Assessments and Playlists

  1. Click My Library on the top menu bar, and then click the Shared With Me tab.
  2. Optionally, select a category in the Refine By filter list on the left to refine the list of items.
  3. To view additional details, click the ellipsis for the item, and then click Info.

    If a playlist has been shared with you but you do not currently have access to programs within the playlist, you will see a note indicating you need to add missing programs to access the playlist. Click View Details to see the programs you are missing, and then add the programs in your profile settings. Contact your administrator if your organization does not have an active license for a program you want to use.

  4. To assign a shared assessment or playlist, click the ellipsis for the item, and then click Assign.

  5. In the Create an assignment box, enter a Title, Start date, Due date, and optionally add Instructions.

  6. Enter the name of the class, group, or student you want to assign to by using smart search. Enter the first letter and scroll to the class, group, or student. Search for students using 'last, first' names.

  7. Click Assign to finish.

Remove Unshared Playlists

When a teacher in your district has unshared a playlist that was previously shared with you, the playlist will remain in your Shared With Me tab but will be disabled.

If you want to remove the now unshared playlist, click the ellipsis next to the playlist and select Remove.

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